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The Advantages of Online Counselling

In the last 6 months much of how we work, learn and spend our free time has moved online through necessity. Counselling has been no exception to this and is largely being practiced now via online video call. Despite this change coming from necessity because of the Covid 19 pandemic, from my experience both as a counsellor and someone having had counselling online, it has some unexpected positive aspects to it over face-to-face counselling.


One of the main benefits that online counselling offers is the convenience it can give to you. Online counselling cuts out much of the time and difficulty needed to schedule and book appointments compared to face-to-face counselling, meaning you can usually get an initial session faster. Counsellors generally have more availability and flexibility in what times slots they can offer with online counselling sessions compared to face-to-face counselling. Online counselling removes the need and time spent traveling to and from sessions, saving you money and making it easier for you to find time for a session in your week.


Online counselling allows you to have counselling anywhere where you have access to an internet connection and private space where you won't be interrupted. You can access your counselling session from different locations if you have to travel. It also allows greater accessibility to individuals who might not be able to access face-to-face counselling such as those who live in rural and remote areas of the country and also those that are disabled or unable to leave their house.


For many, coming to counselling, especially for the first time, may feel like a daunting experience. Some people might find it easier to speak over an online platform like Zoom or the phone rather than face-to-face. Doing counselling from home or a familiar space can help you to feel more comfortable and at ease with the process which can be helpful for some particularly when potentially talking about intense and/or upsetting things.

Whilst counselling online or via phone may minimise or miss some aspects of therapy such as body language, having distance between counsellor and client can sometimes help individuals to feel safer and more able to open up about difficult things than if they were working face-to-face.

Still a place for face to face therapy

Not everyone has the ability to do counselling online. They might not have access to a reliable internet connection or private space or feel restricted to talk about things that might be going on for them at home. Some may find it easier to talk face-to-face than over a webcam or the phone. Additionally, for those with a severe psychiatric illness, online counselling may not be appropriate. Because of this there will always be a place for face-to-face counselling and therapy.

And yet for many online counselling will be able to offer an effective therapeutic space that is easier for them to access, with greater comfort, affordability and convenience.

If you are interested in finding out more about counselling or booking an initial counselling session email at enquiries@rmcounselling.org.uk or call or text on 07480 441993.

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